Thing 2 – My first blog post

My daughter wanted guinea pigs for her birthday so my husband created ‘Pig Palace’ over the course of approximately 6 weeks- the new home for ‘Scooby and Shaggy‘. 

The palace has 3 levels, heating, a camera by which we can view the gp’s on an app on our phones and tonnes of hay/wooden houses/treats/fresh vegetable.  We rely on the YouTuber ‘Little Adventures‘ for a wide range of really useful information and often go to her channel as a way to learn as much as possible about our guinea pigs.

Welcome to our home little Scooby and Shaggy!  We really enjoy bringing them into our living room and letting them play on the floor – it’s funny to see Shaggy act as Scooby’s boss but infact it is Shaggy who is the more timid with people.


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